Community Outreach

Community Outreach

At NAOVI, we believe in giving back to our communities and strive to make a lasting difference in those communities. We believe in values of corporate and individual citizenship – things like ethics and diversity – make our communities better for all.

At NAOVI, our employees play a big part in helping us with our community outreach services, and we couldn't do it without them. In addition to their own personal philanthropic efforts, they are always up for anything from volunteering their time to participating in direct giving. Embedded in the NAOVI culture, we seek employees that hold this giving attitude and live by this community outreach credo. Our employees are the reason why we are able to produce not just innovative products and services but sociological change in our community as well. Besides, employees benefit from the engagement, morale and teamwork that volunteerism and giving back provides, and it positively impacts every aspect of their work here at NAOVI.

Our goal at NAOVI, is to build lasting relationships with our community while creating connections at all degrees of our company. To us, this means we are putting forth efforts to provide our community with what they need most.

NAOVI partners with public, private, and nonprofit organizations to build projects that leverage NAOVI's people, products, services and partners to increase transparency, and improve decision making.


The reasons we do it:

  • To engage across a wide range of community organizations, from diverse local initiatives to national nonprofit partnerships, making an impact where help is needed most
  • Help to understand unique perspectives that contribute to innovative ideas, which drive better results not only for our clients, but for the communities and world around us.
  • Building a reputation based on our commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity
  • We believe it is a duty of every individual to perform community outreach services to maintain a balance between the economy and society.


YEP Nation is an organization founded by creative and business-minded individuals.  Our goal is to help youth get valuable job skills in the media creation field and be able to become entrepreneurs.  Here is the video they produced, shot, and edited for our NAOVI brand.