Equal Opportunity & Diversity

At NAOVI, we are committed to building a diverse, multicultural, all-inclusive workforce in which all employees can thrive, free from unfair treatment, intimidation, bullying, violence and threats. As part of commitment to diversity, we proudly embrace both the spirit and the letter of the law contained in the various statutes covering the concepts of equal employment opportunity (EEO).

EEO regulations prohibit workplace discrimination based on gender, race, religion, age, marital status, ethnicity, national origin, disability and other characteristics. These laws apply to the hiring, training, promotion and termination of all employees.

At NAOVI, we believe that the protections afforded by these rights should always be voluntarily offered by employers throughout the nation. Showing respect for employees, treating everyone fairly and encouraging each employee to achieve his or her full potential are concepts that, when practiced, benefit society as a whole.

Creating a diverse workforce requires more than mere compliance with the various rights. It requires understanding that each individual is unique and celebrating these differences. It requires eliminating barriers to ensure that all employees are operating on a level playing field with the same opportunities to excel at their jobs and achieve their personal and professional goals. It requires a far-reaching, proactive commitment to recruiting, training, mentoring and retaining talented workers on the basis of their true qualifications rather than their personal attributes.

NAOVI is an 8(a) small disadvantaged business and technology services company founded in 2004. From the day that we opened our doors, we have been committed to providing our employees with an environment in which they can feel safe, welcome, valued and respected. We believe that such an environment promotes creativity and innovation while encouraging employees to embrace the concept of lifelong learning.